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I tried to tie-dye the garments which I sewed. I googled how to tie-dye and I tried it.
In the result, the garments were losing color, especially yellow and green, and the color was getting lighter after I rinsed them, so I couldn't remain the original color that I put on the garments.
I tie-dyed one of them once again, but I couldn't get the color I wanted again.
I googled how to tie-dye again and I knew that I might have needed to heat up the garments in a microwave after I put the color water on the garments.

I used food coloring, vinegar and boiled water in order to tie-dye.
There are 4 basic color in the food coloring box. I mixed food coloring, vinegar and boiled water, and made turquoise, purple, dark green, brown and dark yellow color water.
I tied the garments by elastic and plastic bands.
I put the color water on the garments and made them dry. After a few days, I rinsed them.


フードカラリングは基本色が4色。これと酢、沸騰させたお湯を混ぜ、ターコイズ、紫, 深緑、茶色、暗めの黄色、を作った。

◆Food coloring(フードカラリング基本の4色)
20130326_Tie-dye1_1.png 20130326_Tie-dye1_3.png

◆Vinegar and boiled water(酢と沸騰したお湯)
20130326_Tie-dye1_5.png 20130326_Tie-dye1_4.png

◆Before tie-dye(タイダイ前)
20130326_Tie-dye1_6.png 20130326_Tie-dye1_9.png

◆1st: Tie-dye two tops, Top1 and Top2(1回目、タイダイ2着、Top1とTop2)

Top1: One top is turquoise, purple and dark green.(Top1:1つ目のトップはターコイズ、紫、深緑)
20130326_Tie-dye1_12.png 20130326_Tie-dye1_13.png

Top2: Another top is brown, dark yellow and purple.(Top2:もう一つは、茶色、暗めの黄色、紫)
20130326_Tie-dye1_14.png 20130326_Tie-dye1_15.png

◆2nd: Tie-dye top2 again(2回目トップ2のみ再びタイダイ)
Before the 2nd tie-dye Top2. The color of one of the garments was really light.(Top2の2回目タイダイ前。色がすごく薄い)

Tie-dye again with brown and dark yellow(再び茶色、暗めの黄色でタイダイ)

◆The result(出来上がり)
Both garments didn't get original color. Although, the color is not smooth; however, they look fine from far away. (2着とも、フードカラリングで作った色が定着しなかっし、近くからみると色が滑らかではないが、遠くから見ると悪くない色合えになった。)
20130412_Collection2013_2.png 20130412_Collection2013_3.png

20130412_Collection2013_10.png 20130412_Collection2013_11.png