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I didn't notice that I lost my USB memory stick probably last week. I had just thought I left it in my room. When I was looking for it in my room last night, I noticed I lost it. I was like, "Oh my gosh! My information is in it!!! Where is it?!". I was looking for it under my bed, pillow, blanket and so on. At first, I was worried about it, but I stopped being worried and started thinking I could find it!

Today, I went to the library to ask about my USB memory stick. Although I didn't know when and where I lost it, I just guessed I probably lost it at the library because I am always at the library.
They always keep something which someone leaves at the library for a week, and then if nobody comes to pick it up, it goes to security office.
Unfortunately, they didn't have it. After that, I went to the security office, and eventually I could get it!